Baby Steps for A Healthier Lifestyle

Baby Steps for A Healthier Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes do not occur overnight as many of us think. Consistency, goal-setting, and feasibility are the key components for any change to happen. We often get carried away by what we see on social media for a makeover just at once towards a healthier lifestyle. For any change to occur in the long run, consistency matters - no matter what your goals are.

Instead of setting lofty goals, start small and move up gradually. Remember, being healthy is not just about toned arms and legs, but providing the body with the required vital nutrients, a restful sleep, positive mind to function effectively and to live a life free of major health concerns. Here are a few small things that will make a huge difference over time.

Vital nutrients

Do not exclude, but include

Most elder people need more than 30 different nutrients to function effectively and no one food can provide all the nutrients required. It is all about balanced eating and including a variety. Consume lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables that are available fresh in the local market and try to add a serving of veggies and fruits every day. Additionally, some supplements also provide extra energy and a healthy body.

Change the cooking method

Do you know that cooking methods used can alter nutrient availability to a great extent? Try various methods such as steaming, boiling, roasting, or baking instead of frying, to avoid empty calories. Not sure which method to use? Refer to cook smart without compromising the nutrients that guide you on suitable methods of cooking.

Eat mindfully and frequently

Chew food thoroughly before swallowing, rather than gobbling it down as it leads to bloating because of the extra air. It also gives the body the time to process satiety. Consuming a variety of foods in the right amount regularly helps us not to consume too many calories and will allow us to eat all the food without having to eliminate specific food groups. Don’t forget water!


Be active

Being physically active is a must for overall health. Get up and walk briskly for 5 minutes after every hour you sit. This can be done anytime and anywhere. Cut back on the sitting time and start moving and slowly incorporate a physical activity that suits you. You can also start by doing 5 push-ups a day and gradually move up. Keep an eye on maintaining a healthy weight and reduce stress levels.

Read 5 pages a day

A healthy lifestyle certainly begins with a healthy mind and books are a treat to the mind. If you are a beginner start something light, gradually make it a habit and then explore different genres. Make sure to read at least 5 pages a day as it not only improves wisdom but also helps sharpens brain function.

Pause, assess and play

It is okay to pause a bit and take a break. If it is a lifestyle you are building, you should be able to do it stress-free and should be feasible in the long run. Assess whether these steps are helping you achieve your goals or needs a change. Once you establish a routine, move to the next level in the health game.

These small little things may not help you look like a supermodel but would definitely help you stay healthier and fitter than before. Give it time and be consistent with the goals. It’s over to you to make the choices.

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