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Kitchari – A Blissful Mess

If you are new to the sattvic diet (or) slowly transitioning, this dish will be your new favorite go-to. The sattvic diet revolves around nutritious foods that are easy todigest...

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Skin Loving Smoothies

What you put inside your body reflects on your skin just like a mirror. Apart from genetics and health conditions, food plays a pivotal role in the health of the...

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Nutty Energy Balls

Sattvic diet stands on consuming raw, whole and nutritious foods and snacking on something nutritious yet tasty is a good way to quieten your rumbling stomach and satisfy your sweet...

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The Humble Buttermilk

Probiotic recipe for a happy gut We’re all familiar with the world of bacteria(s) and every time we get sick we draw a mental picture of our body cells fighting...

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Pumpkin Soup - Sattvic Style

It’s that time of the year again where the dinner table will be swarmed with all kinds of delicious pumpkin dishes and if your new to the sattvic diet this...

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Quinoa Pomegranate Salad

A salad bowl is the best way to keep those hunger pangs in check. Try out this protein-packed salad which guarantees small bursts of sweetness in every bite. Ingredients 1...

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Red Lentil Vegetable Soup

Nothing leaves the body warm and full like a nutritious bowl of soup. Soups are the best way to incorporate healthy foods into your diet, especially if you are on...

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Revitalizing ABC - Detox drink

Our body is naturally equipped with a superior detox system comprising the liver, kidneys, intestine, lungs, and skin. While the liver is the major organ for metabolism and detox, it...

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Kapalbhati Pranayama: A Novice Handbook

Kapalbhati pranayama is a yogic breathing technique that dates back to ancient times. Kapalbhati, when broken down, translates to ‘Kapal’ which is ‘foreheard’ or ‘skull’ and ‘Bhati’ which means ‘shining’...

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