CCPA Supplement Notice

Last Update: 07/28/2023

CCPA | Pursuant to certain data protection laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, you may be entitled to be informed as to why our financial incentives, or price or service differences, are permitted under the law, including (i) a good-faith estimate of the value of the personal information that forms the basis for offering the financial incentive or price or service difference, and (ii) a description of the method we used to calculate the value of your personal information. Generally, we do not assign monetary or other value to any personal information we collect. However, in the event we are required by law to assign such value in the context of our financial incentives, or price or service differences, we have valued the personal information collected and used as being equal to the value of the discount or financial incentive provided, and the calculation of the value is based upon a practical and good-faith effort often involving the (i) categories of personal information collected (e.g., names, email addresses), (ii) the transferability of such personal information, (iii) the discounted price offered, (iv) the volume of consumers enrolled in our marketing programs, and (v) the product or service to which the financial incentive, or price or service difference, applies. The disclosure of the value and calculation described herein is not intended to waive, nor should be interpreted as a waiver to, our proprietary or business confidential information, including trade secrets, and does not constitute any representation with regard to generally accepted accounting principles or financial accounting standards.