Superfoods to the rescue: Greek Yogurt

Superfoods to the rescue: Greek Yogurt

In 2008 a thicker and creamier yogurt took the world by storm, everyone was out buying it, but not everyone knew what all the hype was about. The Greek yogurt has come a long way since then proving to be a superfood and winning health badges when compared to other yogurts. Though the origin is questionable it is said to arise from the Middle East and Greece; known by different names, but now popularly known as Greek yogurt.

If you choose to live a healthier lifestyle, it is time to stack your pantry with superfoods, and Greek yogurt could be one of your favorites for all the health benefits it has to offer. Knowing what's in your food is an important factor in living a healthier life.

Read on to know all about Greek yogurt and the ways you can incorporate it into your diet.

What Makes Greek Yogurt Special?

Greek yogurt initially goes through the same process as regular yogurt but after fermentation it is strained at least three times, leaving behind the liquid whey (excess water and lactose). This makes the remaining product velvety in texture and rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins. It is also found to contain fewer sugars. Like any other yogurt, Greek yogurt is also loaded with probiotic goodness.

The Health Benefits

Pacifies those hunger pangs; Greek yogurt contains a lot of protein especially casein- which is a slow-digesting protein, this helps calm your hunger till the next meal. It also has a rich thick texture that can leave your stomach satisfied. A cup of plain Greek yogurt is the perfect snack.

Probiotics play a major role in maintaining a happy gut; Probiotics are healthy bacteria that feed on the food you eat. Greek yogurt contains a good amount of probiotics that can meet your gut's daily requirements. Probiotics, when consumed daily, can support healthy and regular bowel movements and also boost your immune.

Protein-loaded; Greek yogurt has higher protein content than regular yogurt and milk, which makes it a great ingredient for a protein-rich diet.

Calcium for strong bones; Bones are tissues that hold up the entire body and they are to be fortified both in old and young age. Greek yogurt has around 7 percent of the daily recommended value. It is a great snack for children as well as the elderly.

Potassium to keep the balance; Potassium can help balance out excess sodium from the daily food we consume. Greek yogurt contains 8 percent of the daily intake value, and hence is a great ingredient to help push out excess sodium from the body.

A post-workout supercharger; During exercise a lot of our muscles are worn out; in order to revive them, we need a supercharger. Greek yogurt as mentioned is rich in protein and provides the necessary amino acids to support muscle tissue. You can incorporate it in a post work out smoothie along with protein powder, fruits, and nuts of your liking.

Iodine for those extra pounds; Iodine is an essential element for the production of thyroid hormone - and Greek yogurt is an excellent source of iodine.


B12 to Be Well

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that is required for the normal functioning of the brain and for the formation of the red blood cells. Greek yogurt has up to 21.3 percent of the daily value and this kind of percentage is found mostly in meat products. Hence greek yogurt is a great alternative for vegetarians.

Nutrition Facts

100 g of Greek yogurt contains:

  • 9-10g of protein
  • 100 -115mg of calcium
  • 0 -10g of fats
  • 5 - 4g of sugars
  • 5-0.75 micrograms of Vitamin B12
  • It also contains 107 live bacteria per gram (Probiotics)

Ways To Incorporate Them Into Your Diet.

Morning meal/ Post-workout drink: A cup of Greek yogurt blended with fruits - rich in minerals and antioxidants (such as banana, berries, etc.) and seeds such as chia seeds (for the extra protein boost) can leave you feeling satisfied and energized.

Side dip: Going back to the roots, Greek yogurt is a great side dish topped with olives and olive oil.

Marinated meat: Meat of any kind can be marinated with Greek yogurt giving it a creamier texture and a tangy.

Desserts: Greek yogurt can be made into a parfait with fruits or nuts and it can also be used as a substitute in cakes.

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