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Why Do Zinc Supplements Contain Amino Acids?

Amino acids are powerful compounds that team up with zinc, making it easier for your gut to absorb. Get the most out of your zinc supplements and enjoy better health with this science-backed approach!

Understanding Zinc: A Crucial Trace Element

Zinc, an important trace element, plays a critical role in many processes within our bodies. This micronutrient is especially important for supporting our immune health, hair growth, helping wounds heal, and ensuring proper growth and development.

Zinc's primary function is to supercharge our immune health, helping us stay strong and fight off infections. It also speeds up the healing of wounds and keeps our skin and tissues healthy and happy.

Zinc is like a superhero for our growth and development! It becomes extra important during pregnancy, infancy, and adolescence when our bodies are growing superfast and need its special support.

Amino Acids: Nature's Awesome Helpers!

Amino acids, the superheroes of protein building, have a special power—they boost zinc absorption! Histidine, cysteine, and methionine, like strong guards, form strong bonds with zinc. This shield keeps zinc safe from any challenges in your diet, ensuring it's easily absorbed in your gut. Thanks to these amazing amino acid protectors, zinc works its magic in your body like never before!

What is Chelated Zinc?

Chelated zinc is a highly absorbable zinc supplement specially designed to maximize its effectiveness in your body.

Did you know? Your body struggles to absorb zinc effectively by itself. But fear not! Zinc teams up with a chelating agent in supplements. This bonding magic transforms zinc into an easily absorbable powerhouse, supercharging its benefits for your body. Say hello to more bioavailable zinc and boost your wellness!

Chelated zinc is mainly made using one of the following amino acids or organic acids.

Amino acid:

Aspartic acid: used to make zinc aspartate

Monomethionine: used to make zinc monomethionine

Glycinate: used to make Zinc BisGlycinate

Organic acids:

Acetic acid: used to make zinc acetate

Citric acid: used to make zinc citrate

Gluconic acid: used to make zinc gluconate

Orotic acid: used to make zinc orotate

Why Do Zinc Supplements Contain Amino Acids

Why Do Zinc Supplements Contain Amino Acids

Importance of Zinc Amino Acid Chelation

Enhanced Absorption:

Amino acids make zinc easier for your body to absorb, ensuring you get more of this essential nutrient. This powerful combination enhances zinc's availability, supports your overall health.

Synergistic Effect:

Zinc and amino acids team up for a powerful effect, maximizing health benefits. (This incredible pairing creates a potent synergy, working together for your wellness).

Overcoming Absorption Barriers:

Amino acids are like friendly helpers, guiding zinc smoothly through your intestines. This way, zinc easily reaches its destination in your body, working its magic for your health.


Some amino acids team up with zinc, creating strong bonds that safeguard it from other dietary components. These stable complexes keep zinc safe and ensure it remains effective in your body.

Immune Health Support:

Zinc and amino acids team up to strengthen your immune system, helping your body stay healthy and strong. This powerful teamwork enhances your body's protection against sickness.

Cell Repair:

This amazing pair helps with cell repair and growth, promoting tissue health and overall wellness by keeping you calm and focused. Their special touch keeps your body strong and healthy.

Optimal Nutrient Utilization:

Amino acids help in using zinc and other nutrients, maximizing their impact on your body. Their help ensures you get the most out of these essential substances.

Balanced Formulation:

Zinc supplements with amino acids provide a balanced and effective way to meet your zinc needs. This combination ensures you get the most out of your zinc intake.

Safe and Effective:

When zinc teams up with amino acids, it becomes a safe and effective solution for addressing zinc deficiency. This powerful combination supports various important functions in your body.


Discover the amazing benefits of combining amino acids with zinc! This powerful duo supports your immune system, helps repair cells, and improves nutrient use in your body. Experience even more advantages from zinc chelated with Quercetin and magnesium. This highly absorbable form of zinc boosts your energy, metabolism, and promotes better sleep. Embrace the power of zinc and amino acids for a healthier, more energized you! Enjoy the vitality and well-being that this dynamic combination brings to your life.

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