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GUT Health

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GUT Health

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Key Product Features and Benefits

  • Supports Gut Barrier Health and Nutrient Absorption*
  • Support Digestive Comfort and Wellness*
  • Support Healthy Immune Function, restful sleep and recovery*
  • Support Healthy Weight Management*
  • Organic SunFiber® (Guar Fiber) and LactoSpore® (Bacillus Coagulans) to Boost your Prebiotic and Probiotic Levels.*
  • CoreBiome® Tributyrin (Postbiotic) to balance intestinal flora and helps to Strengthen the Gut Barrier*
  • Added L-Glutamine to Support Gut and Immune Function*
  • Complete 3-in-1 Gut Nutrition, to Complement your Everyday Health*
  • Easy-to-Swallow Delayed release Vegetarian Capsules to ensure the right nutrients are delivered to your Gut*

Happy Gut - Healthy Life

Each of us has trillions of live microorganisms within our intestine called the GUT microbiome, which has been shown to directly influence our immune system, cardiovascular system, brain health, sleep, mood, digestion, and thereby overall life cycle.* Both symbiotic(good) and pathogenic(harmful) microbes exist in a balance to promote healthy functioning of the body.* Any disturbances in this balance will impact the human health.* Bad food habits, stress, infectious diseases, and long-term, antibiotic intake are some of the reasons for microbial imbalance and compromised GUT health.* It's time to try our GUT Health formula for overall GUT wellness.*

What benefit do I get from GUT Complex?

Taking care of your GUT is key for your overall health. Maintaining a balanced GUT microbial environment is the basic requirement for a healthy GUT, and Sandhu's GUT complex can achieve that.* It's loaded with prebiotics, probiotics, and L-Glutamine to support a healthy GUT environment, thereby promoting overall wellness.*

Organic Sunfiber®: Clinically studied Prebiotic to balance microflora

SunFiber® (Guar Fiber) is a 100% water-soluble fiber (partially hydrolyzed guar gum) that helps to balance the digestive microbial environment.* This clinically proven soluble fiber helps food move through the GUT at the right pace, improving occasional loose stools and occasional constipation.* As a prebiotic fiber, SunFiber® feeds and promotes Beneficial Gut Bacteria that Supports Digestive Health and Overall Wellness.*

CoreBiome® Tributyrin: Postbiotic to help strengthen GUT barrier.*

Postbiotic 'Butyrate' is a short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) produced by microbial fermentation of dietary fibers (undigested portions of vegetables) in the small intestine.* The primary role of butyrate is to maintain the integrity of the GUT lining.* Studies suggest that ingesting pure butyrate may not help, because most of it is absorbed by the stomach even before it reaches the small intestine.*

CoreBiome® is the only ‘Tributyrin’ (butyrate) clinically substantiated for bioavailability in the colon.* Tributyrin (CoreBiome®) has been shown to maintain butyrate levels in the body longer than sodium butyrate.* This is likely due to the structure of CoreBiome®, which has three butyrate molecules attached to a glycerol backbone instead of one butyrate molecule.*

CoreBiome® (Standardized to 30% Tributyrin) can easily reach both the small and large intestine to boost postbiotic butyrate levels, so you can enjoy a healthy GUT lining and ensure that your GUT is in top-notch condition.*

LactoSpore®: Boost your Probiotic Levels

LactoSpore® (Bacillus Coagulans) is a clinically validated probiotic from ‘Bacillus coagulans’.* By creating healthy form of lactic acid, which helps destroy the “bad bacteria” and helps the “good bacteria” to thrive in the GUT.* Thereby, this probiotic ensures an abundance of ‘Good Gut Bacteria’ to support overall health.* Lactospore provides nutritional support during discomfort times such as diarrhea, occasional constipation, bloating, and excess gas*. LactoSpore® is shelf-stable, which, when ingested, can withstand the stomach's acidic environment*. These spores then germinate and proliferate within the GI tract. LactoSpore® is an ideal probiotic of choice for several reasons, including its history of use*, Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status, stability of spores, and documented clinical effectiveness*. Its health benefits include normalizing intestinal flora and supporting immune health*

L-Glutamine: GUT Care Amino Acid

In addition to being stored in the liver and skeletal muscles, glutamine can be found in the blood. It’s an important energy source for cells lining the GUT and immune cells, making it a critical element for a healthy digestive tract and immune response*. Our GUT Health is formulated with L-Glutamine to supports GUT and immune function, especially in times of occasional stress*.

Why Sandhu’s GUT Complex?

Go Beyond Probiotics: Sandhu’s GUT Health formula is beyond regular fiber or probiotic dietary supplements. Our unique 3-in-1 blend of Prebiotics, Probiotics and Postbiotics plus added L-Glutamine in a Delayed Release Vegetarian Capsule will work together to help support your gut health*

GUT Health

$49.95 Regular price MSRP $79.95


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